Using ftp to transfer files

Hi all,
I am a designer and have been using a .mac public account to store a pdf of my portfolio for download. Do you know if I can set up a public file on my ftp server at dreamhost for such a use? And how I do this? do I set up a user called public?


.mac uses WebDAV, and you can set up such a folder here:
But this is more designed for read/write.

If it’s a read only folder you want, that can easily be hosted on a website. Do you have a hosting plan here? Other than that PDF file, what else did you want to make available? As a designer, you may want to consider setting up a Gallery for your portfolio. I’ve done this in the past and it makes it more of an online portfolio.


I do have a website hosted with Dreamhost. I was looking for a way to exchange files like drawings that are too large to e-mail. Offices use ftp sites to do this. You can log on and pick-up or drop off documents. There are sites that allow this for free like sendfile, but I was wondering if I could have my own.

My website does need to feature my design work but the portfolio I send people if they ask for it is a printable document. I would also like to send drawings and documents I am working on to clients without using e-mail.

I will look at the link you left me.


Provide your clients with a http link to your portfolio.


Anonymous public ftp is not a good option.

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Hi Scott,
I created a WebDAV directory with passwords. But I have no idea now how to get files for download into it. I read the wiki but I am not finding any answer to this question that I can understand anyway. I thought I could use fetch to upload and download. I used one of the passwords and it could not find the site. I used my admin password and name and it could not find it. Any help you can give me?

Otherwise to use your method below do I do this through dreamweaver, which is what I used to create my site. I have not learned how to create downloads yet.

Sorry for all the questions. I am stuck.

The wiki entry on WebDAV has a link to this wiki entry on connecting:


Hi Scott,
Thanks for all of the help. I finally got it to work. I used Cyberduck to upload since I am on a mac. I am not sure what a windows user would use. Then I was able to download off the web.

It took me forever! but I finally got there. I would never have been able to do this without your help.