Using Frames

I have 1 page on my site that uses frames that worked perfectly on previous hosting service but I can’t seem to get it to work at DH.
parent doc=755
linking page=755
linked dir=775
linked dir/images=644
Could anyone suggest possible solution?

What’s the url?


This is pretty fast response!

Tom, I’m sorry to report that it works fine for me using FireFox under linux. I’m wondering if you need to clear your cache?


Whew! I am happy to hear the bad news.
Picked up the problem from web server stats failure report and was getting the same problem under Iceape and Iceweasel/Debian Etch - latter clears cache upon closing after every session.
Will try it from a different machine shortly.
Thanks for looking into this.

Tom, one other thing you might try is setting those dirs you have presently set to 775 to 755 permissions.

While it wouldn’t seem to make a difference, depending upon whether or not you have mod_security enabled (extra web security in the panel), and given DreamHost’s use of suEXEC, i’d give that a try and see if it has any impact on the server stats failure reports.


Thanks for that tip - I had extended permissions thinking that was what was causing the problem - now back to 755.
Good news from here is that I can get the page working from Epiphany so you may be right about it being a cache problem although that should not happen with Iceweasel for above reason.
Now to figure out why some other people are also getting failures.