Using .forward file to pipe email to PHP5 script


Right now, a message filter is forwarding all emails from to the Shell user This works (the mails show up in Maildir/new), but I’d like to have the emails be piped to a PHP script. The goal of this is to have that PHP script forward the script to certain emails listed in a database.

Judging by Google, what looks like the right way to do this is with a .forward file, but I can’t seem to get the syntax for that working. If the email is to be sent to discussionlistmanager/scripts/one.php, what
would the contents of the .forward file be?


Check here:

Oh hey, thanks! Worked like a charm.

Your link no longer works. Can you please update?

Did you find a solution? Can you post how did you make it work? I’ve been struggling with the dreamhost configuration/CP for a few days now. Nothing works. Moreover, their tech support is not very helpful either.