Using formmail.cgi

I am trying to use the formmail.cgi script provided by DH, but refuse to put the addresses in the HTML sent to the browser, even if masked by using a # instead of an @. What I have tried is using code like this in my form handler:

$_POST['recipient']=""; virtual(""); and also use include instead. URL encoded includes are disabled, and the virtual just fails. Is there a way to do this, or do I just have to load my own mailer. I figured the security in DH’s formmail has already been tested, and would rather use it if possible.

For anyone else hitting this type of problem, I got the following info from support. It worked great:

Yeah the reason this fails is because url_fopen is disabled in the php
config. It’s not something we’re about to enable anytime soon either as
there are security problems involved. However, thinking over your problem
you could pass the POST variables over to the formmail.cgi script using