Using Facebook Login on my website


I want users to login using Facebook A/C on my site , for which following parameters in php.ini needs to be changed.

register_long_arrays = On
register_globals = On
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On

My site is using PHP Version 5.2.17 at the moment and I am not able to setup a customized php.ini file to change the above parameters.

I tried changing to PHP Version 5.3x FastCGI and created a phprc file as documented in but my site is giving “Internal Server Error”

Looking for help from experts in order to overcome this challenge.

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You need to find a more up-to-date module to enable Facebook logins. If the one you are using claims to require options like register_globals to be enabled, then it is quite old and is likely to be insecure. Additionally, enabling that option will expose your site to a number of security vulnerabilities, and will make it incompatible with upcoming versions of PHP.

Ideally you should have register_globals disabled all the time. register_globals will be removed in PHP 5.4