Using external DNS and mapping relevant one to DH

I want to use my own DNS server and point some of the entries back to dreamhost because I am find the DNS management rather inflexible. Is this possible?

Changes are not propagating as they should.


Set the name servers for the domain to point to your own DNS server(s), then configure the DNS records to point back to the IP address that DreamHost assigned to the domain.

This IP address can be found by going to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel, clicking the small [DNS] link next to the domain then checking the IP address given for the main A-Record.

Edit: I am interested in what exactly you find inflexible about the DreamHost DNS options?


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yes, you can transfer the host to your dns server. check

But I do not see that DNS management is inflexible. And I’ll suggest you to host your domain name in DH UNLESS your domain server is reliable.

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No matter how often I change the IP address settings they intermittently revert back to Dreamhost’s IP address.

I have one domain that fails to allows base A record to change from Dreamhost, whilst another one allows the base A record to point away from Dreamhost. They are both identically configured.

If it can’t be described as inflexible then it can be described as inflexible.

I’m not sure which IP address you are referring to here. Perhaps you can elaborate.

In my experience, you will not be able to change the base A-Record for a domain that has been configured as ‘Fully Hosted’, as it will be shown as ‘non editable’. However, I have not experienced a problem changing the base A-Record on domains (and sub-domains) that are not configured as ‘Fully Hosted’.


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The problem has just happened as I was typing the last response. Less then 15 minutes ago pointed away from Dreamhost, it is now pointing back to dreamhost although I haven’t changed anything in the control panel.

Their system also seems to tamper with the web config, either messing up files in the DocumentRoot or setting the DocumentRoot to point somewhere else.

I will check the Web settings again to verify what is happening


This may not be necessarily a direct answer to the question that @voipfc had. However, since I came across this post while looking for some help to my question, I thought about sharing a possible solution.

See the following post I wrote about a somewhat similar problem I came across with hosting a site at Dreamhost, while having my DNS hosted someplace else without relying on the stability of IP addresses at DH (which may change):

Hope this helps somebody :slight_smile:


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