Using Email

I thought I knew what I was doing, but…
I set up several accounts for my people, including me, but I noticed that the very first “management” acct has 7MB of stored email. I can forward future email to “my” acct, but I cannot get into that acct to read the stuff that’s there, that is probably all stuff I should read, from the DH management.
Is this acct special? I can edit it from control panel and change PW, but can’t login by POP or webmail.

if it’s the original user (ftp or shell) it’s probably just the files in your web space, not mail


I can believe that; don’t know enough to say either way.
However, when I first noticed it the space-used line said 7MB out of 7850MB (0%). When I changed it to only-forward, the entry got shifted out of the “mailboxes” section, and the “forwarded” section has no place for storage used, which makes sense But, when I shifted it back to not-forwarded to try POP/SMTP, it changed to say 7MB / 50MB (14%) available, which worries me.
If it is set up as you say, then my web space is now limited to only 50MB, which will cause trouble Real Soon Now.
I hope you’re wrong…

I do know enough to say either way and what I said is true. I’m not sure I follow what you’ve said but it’s really nothing to worry about if what I said in my first post is the case (this is your ftp user?).

50MB is the default standard mailbox size allocation, it has nothing to do with your total disk allotment.