Using Elegant Themes (Wordpress) and Dreamhost



Hi there:

Just wondering if anyone has used any of the themes from Elegant Themes with Dreamhost. I read on one of the forums that sometimes third-party themes can cause security problems. Any words of advice for a complete newbie?



WordPress itself can cause security problems. I think what the forum post was probably referring to is the fact that there are a lot of themes out there that contain backdoors, malware, or other nefarious functions. You’re reasonably safe if you choose one of the built-in themes. After that, widely used commercial themes are probably safe. But you might want to avoid downloading and trying out just any ol’ theme. Do a little homework and make sure other people are using it without any problems.


I highly recommend Elegant Themes and I’ve had excellent results with ET on other hosting companies.

I don’t see why they would work any differently on DH…???

(Personally, I’ve only installed one ET theme on DH so far. It works just as it should, but I’m having some issues getting it to resolve to the root domain. I think this is an issue between WP and DH and nothing to do with the theme itself.)


Thanks - good to hear that someone has used ET and DH without problems.



I have used ElegantThemes for almost two years now. They’re good themes, but like any custom theme it helps to use their forums to learn the nuances.

I’ve used the themes on GoDaddy, and on FatCow without any theme problems–WordPress themes generally don’t have interaction/conflict with a host.

With the newer ElegantThemes that display the slide out control panel on top of the website (for admins), there is an issue with a JS CSS Optimizer plugin.