Using drush with drupal

Does anyone know how to install drush to use with drupal sites hosted by dreamweaver?

drush makes administering drupal sites much easier.

I’m curious about this too.

I’m a noob to drupal and drush but I was able to install drush to my home directory and create an alias. Although I couldn’t get a symlink or the alias to stick, so I had to redo the alias every time I reconnected the server. has instructions for installing on a linux machine. I have been having some fun due to my noobish decent into drupal and drush but I was having trouble with the options, commands, and arguments within drush. No matter how hard I tried I was unable to instal drupal to a certain directory from the call I made to drush in the home directory. Everything was downloaded to the home directory making it a mess. I mv’ed everything but then drush didn’t recognize a drupal installation… well needless to say I got it to work but it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it to be. Esp. after practicing on my local server.