Using DreamObjects to back up Google Drive

Is it possible to use DreamObjects to backup our company’s Google Drive accounts? I think it can be done with rclone but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Hi there, your question made me very curious to try to use rclone with Google Drive and DreamObjects. I already have rclone configured to use DreamObjects using this guide

So I have added another remote of type Google Drive using the official rclone docs

Now I have two remote configurations: one called dho and one called gd. I successfully managed to copy content from gd to dho using this command:

I haven’t tried the sync command but you should be able to do that although slowly maybe: rclone docs say that

So I would need to create a separate remote for each of the users we have in Google Apps? Is the speed of rclone dependent on the speed of my internet connection? Can I start the copy process and still able to to close the connection and have it continue copying? Or will I need to have a window open the entire time it takes to copy the data?

I’m not sure how to answer your question as I don’t know how Google Apps works for a whole company/department. Maybe there is a ‘super-user’ that sees all the personal folders of the individual accounts. If so, maybe in that case, you could create a rclone remote for this super-user and copy everything in one swoop. I haven’t used it for your use case (I’m not even sure what that is exactly) so I can’t really be 100% sure it serves your purpose. I believe rclone sync command uses something like the rsync, so I’d expect the operation can be interrupted and will continue next time it starts

Remember that rclone does simply a copy, it’s not really a tool for backups. You may also want to check other options, like Retrospect or Cloudberry. Again, I’m not sure they work with Google Apps but they’re worth investigating if you need backups.

I’m thinking that rclone may not do what I need it to. I’ve looked at some other possible ways to go about it and they support amazon S3. Would that mean I could use it with DreamObjects or does the software need to explicitly state that it supports DreamObjects?

The software might work with DreamObjects. You’d just have to make sure it has the ability to change the endpoint to “