Using dreamhost with 3rd-party nameservers


I would like to host some sites on dreamhost that use my custom .com domain, which currently uses GoDaddy as a nameserver. I don’t want to migrate my nameserver DNS records to Dreamhost (for various reasons) right now, but noticed that hosting a custom domain requires the use of Dreamhost nameservers? Is there anyway around this?

For example, I would like a wordpress blog hosted on Dreamhost to use as opposed to

Thanks for any assistance!


If you’re hosting the on Dreamhost servers you need to change the NameServer (DNS) information over at GoDaddy for the domain in question.

All the domain information (except the new nameservers) will remain the same as it is right now in a whois lookup.

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You don’t have to use the DreamHost name servers, but you need to be familiar with how DNS works. And then get the IP address of the server where you site is hosted here.



I thought it could be done without using DreamHost name servers, since I’ve been doing something similar with Google Apps for a while now. Do you know of a tutorial or post that might explain the process?


Do a search for “DNS” in all forums in the past month or so.



Just do as the second poster recommended. Point your domains to:

Then add your domain as ‘Fully Hosted’.

May take 24-48 hours for propagation to occur.

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