Using DNS to move a domain

I thought the only way to move a domain from one host to another was to initiate a domain transfer request, where DH requests the change from the original host, they approve it, send authorization codes, etc, and the domain eventually gets moved.

But then I was told, by the guy who’s giving me the domain name, that if I provide him with the Dreamhost DNS’s, and the ip address for the A record, he can change that info on his end and I’ll get control of the domain name without actually doing a full domain name transfer.

In the end result, what’s the difference between doing a regular domain name transfer, and doing the procedure described above?


Domain registration and hosting are completely separate. I have domains registered with several different registrars (including DreamHost), but almost all of my domains are now hosted here. You can have your domain registered with anybody, provided you can alter the DNS record to point to DreamHost. You shouldn’t need to mess with A records.

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You will definitely be able to host that domain if you do that. I don’t know if it will be a problem that the other guy will still “own” and control the domain itself. If you had some kind of falling out, he could take the domain back and host it himself or “sell” it.

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