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Just to finish this thread, if you have a domain with the word dreamhost, you may be next. Even removing all the content from it, I have to give it to DreamHost. I can’t have a redirect to my new site. You’ve been warned. I wished someone could have done the same for me. It would have saved me months of work promoting it, now completely lost.

I expected more from a company that I thought to be open minded. I did what hundreds of affiliates do, and companies encourage. With Dreamhost I feel like an outlaw. Very disappointed.

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[quote]First I’ll take down the site, and then I’ll ask what to do with the domain.


Even as you wrote that, your sig was already pointing to a domain where you now have the same misleading content as before, with the framed DreamHost site link and all.

[quote]I can’t have a redirect to my new site.


Even right now, does redirect to your “new” domain. The domain created in 2003.

No matter how many really’s you use now, I’m thinking you’ve played this game before. Yeah, thanks a whole lot for the “warning” about DreamHost. Now I’m surprised they’re not blocking your referers.

How about posting some sort of “proof” of your claimed donations to charity?! :cool:

Nuno Oliveira
Apartado 6
Abrantes, Ribatejo 2200

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 10-Feb-03
Expires on: 10-Feb-11
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
Oliveira, Nuno
Apartado 6
Abrantes, Ribatejo 2200
966311453 Fax –

Technical Contact:
Oliveira, Nuno
Apartado 6
Abrantes, Ribatejo 2200
966311453 Fax –

Domain servers in listed order:

= = =
Domain Name: DREAMHOST97.COM

Nuno Oliveira
Nuno Oliveira (
Apartado 6
Tel. +351.000000000

Creation Date: 30-Jun-2006
Expiration Date: 30-Jun-2007

Domain servers in listed order:


They need more support help.
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anonymous2, first of all I don’t have to give any satisfaction to you, have I? I have dealt everything with Jeff, and we are transferring the domain to DreamHost. I’m just waiting for him to give me the whois info. Until then it redirects to my other site with the standard 301 redirection.

Now how does that feel?

I gave my domain to dreamhost. I hope all the other domains out there do the same.

And I didn’t understood why you pasted my whois info here. What’s wrong with that? Or with you? Anyone can see it. I didn’t even protected it.
Do you want other of my sites? I have some online since 2000. Do you want to see the whois too?

Second, yes it’s redirecting to one of my old domains. I had PPC campaigns running up, and I’m changing all my signatures at all the forums I participate. It’s 90% done. I just have to transfer the domain away to Dreamhost without asking anything in return.

Jeff was really helpful and he will help me change my signature here, so I don’t care about that domain. I have lots of other active sites where I will be able to promote it even better.

Third, misleading? Who are you? In my site I clearly state myself as an affiliate. What about you? You mirror content from Dreamhost like the wiki and the forum, like if it belongs to you.

People advertise in your site (through and adsense ) and you make money out of the content we write. I don’t think that is fair.

And in case adsense vanishes from your site, here it is a cached page with it.

You are misleading people at Text-Link-Ads. For $150 a month for each link, people think that will advertise at an official DreamHost site, because from there noone can click to see that it’s an unnofficial one:

DreamHost Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base for web hosting company DreamHost. Approximately 1000 frequently asked questions, both generally web development questions and questions specific to DreamHost.
" packages

So who is misleading??? Who is making hundreds of dollars a month that way?

Fourth, proof of giving to charities? I don’t admit being insulted, and I don’t know who you are.

For the first small one to Santa’s helpers, just ask DreamHost. It was given through them.

Fifth: Regarding Unicef when I raise a big check (it’s already $300) I will have the pleasure to post a video on the web. Not for you, but for all the people that helped.

Sixth, don’t direct a word to me again. I’ve seen you beeing rude with lots of people here, including Michael, but I don’t admit that.

So it seems that it is you that have some problems. I just had a wrong domain, but you scrape content that wasn’t written by you, and offend people in the forum.

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[quote]Until then it redirects to my other site with the standard 301 redirection.

Now how does that feel?[/quote]
It feels like the opposite of what you said before, when you said DreamHost wouldn’t allow you to have redirection.

It shows whose name the domains are in, and when registered; it backed up what I said.

Only if you advertise them here.

That also sounds opposite what you said before.

That all might be great insults, except for one thing. You don’t know who belongs to, do you. BTW, The wiki is copyleft’ed, but I haven’t taken anything from it yet either.

They wouldn’t tell me your financial details, if I did ask, which I wouldn’t. I’m just a guy who’s started to doubt the claims you published, because of inconsistencies I’ve observed.

It’s a little too late for that now.

Hey, great, now you’ve spread a whole slew of false accusations about me.

Honest disagreements are one thing. What you’ve just done is libel. Or it would be if you knew who I was. :wink:

They need more support help.
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One more thing, in the spirit of “The Season”, I hope you do it sooner rather than later. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Gleeful whatever you celebrate!

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]


anonymous2, in case you didn’t noticed you were rude in this forum several times, with aggressive posts when people weren’t even talking with you. Those were uncalled for.

Second, I continue to not understand your problem with my whois info. Webmaster7 was build in 2003. So what?
Jeff C says that everything is ok with that.

Third, no, I cannot keep the domain with a redirection, that is why I’m giving the domain to DreamHost. Until that happens it redirects for a few days so that everyone knows that I no longer use it. I just didn’t disappeared. That wouldn’t be good for me.

Fourth, you use the RSS feeds from the Dreamhost’s forums to populate your

False accusations?
My posts are in your site. Did you wrote them? No. What isn’t true?
When I spend my time here, I don’t want anyone except Dreamhost to use them. It’s a public forum, but I expect a fair usage from it.

Libel? Where? You were rude with Simon in that thread, he complained, and I even left there a post hoping that things calm down.
Again, what did I say that isn’t true?

Fifth: I will donate the money when I decide, not you. It was my decision to raise it, and I didn’t set any time limit.
It will have money from other affiliate programs, and I want to gather a good check, instead of sending several of them.
I raised more money in 2 days with another affiliate program than in 2 months with Dreamhost. So if you think that this is a big deal for me, you are wrong.

What matters to me is my honour. And you raised issues about that regarding the frame (that is used allover the world without a problem) and the donations.

The only problem was with the domain and the issue is just between me and Jeff, and it’s almost finished as soon as I get rid of that domain.

I know of other 15 affiliates using domains with the word dreamhost like I did. 4 days from now I will be completely ok with Dreamhost, but not all others. I expect the same treatment for everyone.

Sixth, for me it’s Christmas, but you just made it a little worse. Thank you.

People who know me knows I hate fights, so please don’t address me again.

Simple and fair request, right? I’m out of this thread, and I’ll skip your posts from now on. Hope you do the same with mine.

Maybe you don’t do it on purpose, but I hope you now know that you “hurt” people’s feelings, and I’m not here for that.

Nice Christmas gift. Why did I check the forum today…?

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Zero, what is the point of counting everything.

[quote]Libel? Where?


Almost everything you write about me and is false. And you’re saying it because you’re trying to make me look bad. That is close to the definition of libel.

Another way to put that is: I don’t think you know what you’re talking about regarding, but you seem to think you do.

The reason we’re still discussing this is because you advertised your promo/charity here, then complained about how unfair DreamHost was being.

It was just between you and Jeff, until you published it here for the world to read.

Maybe you’re not a scammer. I don’t really know. What I do know is scammers take advantage of people’s good natures with stories about good intentions and bad luck, and this thread has some of that.

I noticed things are not as you said - you have a redirect after saying you couldn’t, and the domain is still in your name and content still up, after you said you would take down your site and give it to DreamHost. Maybe you meant in a few weeks, but it sounded more immediate. Inconsistencies make me suspicious.

Yeah, something also does seem suspicious and misleading, to me, about “framing” so people think they’re at or when they’re really seeing That’s my opinion.

Caveat Emptor.

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]


You insist, but what can I do.

The point is that you try to imagine all sort of things from what I write.

  • I said I couldn’t keep the domain redirecting to my “new” site. I hope you do understand what new means in that form. It can be an old site, but it’s new for this usage

That is true. I can’t keep the domain redirecting, so it was I that offered to give it to them. They just asked me not to renew it next year. So I did more than I was asked. Isn’t that honest?

I’m transferring it as soon as I receive the whois info. I never wrote here a time limit. If you imagined that it sounded more or less immediate, it was not I that wrote it.

  • framing exists everywhere. If you imagine bad uses for that, it’s up for you. I do tell you that some engines don’t like affiliate links, so I prefer to link to another html file where I put the affiliate link. Google Adwords don’t even want you to directly promote affiliate links, but if you put them inside an html page within your domain, it’s ok. Do you understand this? Or will try to interpretate another way? It’s up to you.

  • You still didn’t said what did I wrote that was false, but ok. I know that when I signed up at I thought that it was the official site there.

Simon, wrote this: “I thought I was making a fair comment, and you are the only person who saw anything sinister in it. At least I’m not misleading customers by claiming to run official, DreamHost-sanctioned wikis and forums.”

in this thread :

so I’m not the only one with this opinion.

And note that I didn’t say so much, official or unofficial. I just said that I didn’t liked to see them there, with you profiting from the work of the members here. I don’t know if you have a deal with DreamHost or not, and that is not of my business. I just stated my opinion, and I’m free to do it.
At least where I live.

But our opinion isn’t important. Dreamhost’s is. That is why I offered my domain to them, at no cost, when they offered me another in return. Ask Jeff if that isn’t true.
I told Jeff that I didn’t needed any offer. If it was their decision to protect their trademark, I would gladly comply.

My work was evaluated by Jeff, and so are others. The decision is exclusively theirs.

This thread is finished, and I just posted to express my opinion about this issue, and warn you who have domains with the word dreamhost that you just move as I did. You where the only one who saw any problem here, as in other threads.

You always see and imagine the worst about everyone. It’s your right until a certain point. I never even spoke with you, and this thread was buried, until you came with that uncalled attack, when everything is dealt between me and Dreamhost.

The time I wasted here with you is worse than loosing the domain. I can’t see the hour where it finally leaves my hands. Hope Jeff sends me the whois info right after Christmas.

It’s 1:00 AM, and I’m here replying to you. This means I care. If I was another person I would just offend and move to the next. But I’m still a dumb person, and I do care with what people think of me, even when they don’t deserve it.

Fortunatelly my self esteam is boosted by people that do like my work. Even 2 days ago I received an email from a DreamHost competitor stating that they love my work, and even their CEO thought the same. For them I do exactly the same I do for Dreamhost, but with a better design (I was going to change the one for Dreamhost when this happened), and they saw the domain and site even before I launched it to the public. And they love it (their words).

I like working with Dreamhost so I’m also doing everything Jeff tells me. A domain with 4 months is easily replaced. It’s just the time it’s taking to kill dreamhost97. Almost done.Tomorrow it’s gone, as I told Jeff yesterday.

End of this cheap soap opera.

It’s Christmas day, and I’m here posting this, after being with my family, because I do care. I hate war, even if just of words. But I had to defend myself when you attacked with no reason.

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This thread restarted because I questioned two (2) things you wrote, because I observed they appeared false. 2 things. Not everything. You expanded to long lists of accusations.

[quote]You still didn’t said what did I wrote that was false


I did. Everything you wrote about: me and Everything.

Check your assumptions. Start at the beginning. Ask yourself what you can’t prove.

[quote]Simon wrote


I’m not going to argue with you about what Simon wrote.

[quote]It’s 1:00 AM, and I’m here replying to you. This means I care.


Point taken. To the extent I may have over-reacted due to my assumptions about how fast you would make changes (based on what you wrote previously), I apologize.

To the extent you are offended because I think framing DreamHost’s site is misleading, all I can say is what I said before - it’s my opinion. And we can agree to disagree.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]


anonymous2, as I told you, I don’t like fights. I never even spoke with you before, but I was upset when you came here posting my whois info (still don’t know why), and questioning my integrity regarding the donations, without any reason. We never even discussed before.

I was upset because you attacked my honesty and then wished me a merry christmas. Even so I forgive.

I replied with my OWN VIEW of what I don’t like, but it’s just my opinion, and it’s worth just that. Not much.
What matters is Dreamhost opinion, not ours!

I just stated:

  • that I don’t like to view my posts on your site.

It’s just my opinion. The important here isn’t the way you do it. It’s easy to import the rss feeds of a forum. The method isn’t important, even or without consent.
What I said was I didn’t like seeing my posts there. Jeff will now change my signature here, but can he change it there?

From now on isn’t my responsability, and I don’t want to be associated with it. Who knows where the domain will be in the future, if someday Dreamhost doesn’t renew it? But everyone that comes to your site will still see it as my signature. You do understand it?

  • that I almost paid $150 in Text-link-ads thinking that it was the official wiki. This is really true! I went to the official wiki and started searching for the TLA links. Nothing. Then I found your site and really understood (matched the design).

Again it’s just an advertiser opinion. You do respect it, right? I just think that there should be an “Unofficial” notice there in TLA, as you have in your site.

So here are no false or true statements. Just my opinions.

First I was angry with DreamHost, and then I was angry with you. But I’m a person that easily forgive.

Regarding DreamHost, my earlier posts were wrong.

I do understand and support their enforcement of their trademark after the latest emails I exchanged with Jeff. I just didn’t want to dig up this buried thread, but everything was taken care of.
Jeff can confirm that I’m now even helping them.

I told him that the domain would be my Christmas gift to them, and I wanted nothing of what they offered in return.
Today it’s Christmas day, and as I promised to Jeff 2 or 3 days ago, the domain is now completely dead. Just clean your cache and wait for the dns to propagate (all removed).
Now I just need the whois info for the transfer.

I complied with everything Dreamhost asked me, and I even did more than requested, without asking anything in return, but within my time frame. is officially dead, and isn’t my responsability after the transfer. Who could have thought a simple domain would cause such a steer and be so time wasting? I would never registered it.

Sorry on my part.

Thread, finally closed!

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There is still something to clear up.

[quote] - that I don’t like to view my posts on your site.

  • that I almost paid $150 in Text-link-ads thinking that it was the official wiki. This is really true! I went to the official wiki and started searching for the TLA links. Nothing. Then I found your site and really understood (matched the design).[/quote]
    You are mistaken. The above statements are false. is not my site. It appears the person who runs it posts here as dreamhostblogger.

Did I link to it, and wish them a Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving (US)?. Yes, I did. Did I think the Kbase mirror and Forum archive was a useful service? Yes, I did. Does that make it my site? No, it doesn’t.

And that is why I posted your whois. It supports what I said about when your sites were registered, and who still owned them.

Now, I’m off to see if Santa thinks I was naughty or nice! And I hope you got what you wanted too.

They need more support help.
Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]


If isn’t your site, I apologize. I was just following other posts here where other users told that you run a Dreamhost’s wiki and forum, and you didn’t said it was untrue then, like that post from Simon I transcribed above.

If it isn’t yours, and we were all mistaken, it’s time to bury this, don’t you think?

As for Christmas, fortunately I don’t need anything material. I have everything I could wish for, and that is why money isn’t very important to me.

I work hard because of recognition. The reward of telling people I just gathered x to a charity is priceless. Never before was my work as appreciated. It’s for this that I work :slight_smile:

I forgot to say that even if I wanted, I couldn’t donate the money right now because it takes 97 days (after each referral) for Dreamhost to send the payment to my Paypal account. So I will just receive most of the money in February/March.

Happy holidays to you all!

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I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to start this thread back up :stuck_out_tongue: , but there is a related post on that might be of interest to some.


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Nice to see this. At least I won’t be the only one who had to shut down the site :slight_smile: I’ve seen more than 15 domains doing worst things, so this was a matter of time.

Just to note that my leads didn’t suffer anything by giving up dreamhost97. They have even grown in the last days.

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[color=#CC0000]90promo[/color] will give $7 to Unicef