Using DH to manage DNS info of a remote site

I have transferred the registration of similarly named domains (e.g., .net, .org) to DH. I want to use DH to manage the DNS info of all domains. I’ve successfully used “redirect domain” to point “.net” and “.org” to “.com”. However, I want the content of “.com” to remain at the other hosting location. Should I use mirror, redirect, or some other domain setup? The other site is only identified by its IP address. I’ve read the wiki and forums, but cannot find the answer. Thanks.

You can’t mirror a site that’s not hosted on DreamHost.

If all you have is an IP address, then you can customize your DNS records here to add an A record for the .com. The easiest way for this is to create a dummy subdomain like so you get DNS for you can modify. Then go to the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and click DNS for and add a blank A record (so it’s just and a www A record (so it’s with your IP address.


I actually created the domain ( and then deleted the hosting. I then added the “blank A” records per your suggestion. I also copied the MX and CN records from the previous/other DNS management. So far, everything looks to be working. Thanks.