Using DH domain name on site hosted elsewhere

I need to point a domain that I have here on DH to resources on AWS (ec2 servers behind an LB).

It is my understanding that in order to do this, I must

  1. Set my domain to DNS only

  2. create a CNAME record for *.domainname pointing to my LB

Is there anything else that I’m missing here?

How does that CNAME record handle an http request to the base domain (without a subdomain)?

Will there be any differences in the way http and https requests are handled?

Is there any reason that this minimal setup would result in domainname forwarding to www.domanname?


Hello coolgeek,

You are correct you can do this by setting your domain to DNS only. Once this is done you should be able to add the CNAME record as described by this article here:

There isn’t anything else that you are missing but if the domain is not propagating correctly after you have followed the instructions in the article let us know.

As long as all your records point to the same CNAME the AWS load balancer should do the work for you and handle both requests for HTTP/HTTPS.


Thanks MariT

I reset the site to DNS only on Wednesday and removed the CNAME record (so nothing but NS records).

I deleted all of the AWS resources.

I did a DNS refresh yesterday.

I’ve cleared my Firefox history multiple times - completely, as well as site-specific ala

I’ll give it through the weekend for things to propagate and then I’ll contact support

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