Using CVS on my server from a Mac (OS 9)


I’d like to setup my server, to run a CVS server and to access it from my office Mac (OS 9).

I’ve found a few Mac CVS clients, and MacSSH could handle tunneling but I’m wondering how to get all three parts (server, client, SSH tunnel), up and running.

I’m fairly new to using CVS, so any help would be appreciated.



It’s not just the ssh tunnel that’s needed, though - you actually need a client that supports authenticating via SSH / rsh, or will let you do this using a third party app. MacCVS

What client(s) have you tried (with links if possible)?

Maybe this howto will work?

You need the “tunnerling CVS RSH” section

I found a bunch of interesting stuff (including that link) when I did a google for “mac cvs client ssh”

In general, I suspect that it will be much easier to find a good GUI CVS client for OS X.