Using "Cron Jobs" option in the main menu

hello !
I tried using the “Cron jobs” option in the main menu.
I read attentively the recent message “Getting cron tab to work, argh” dated 04/13/07 and did my best to do the same.
But no success!

What i want to install is a cron to run feed-wordpress plugin.
In the instructions it is said:
“you might insert the following line into your crontab:
25 * * * * cd $HOME/www/wp/wp-content ; php -q update-feeds.php”

According to the post i set:

cd $home/sparkletts/ ; env /usr/local/bin/php –q update-feeds.php

and use “custom” to set the time.

But it is not working.

If anybody can help, it will be highly appreciated.