Using AWS Route 53 and Google Apps (for the email)

Can I use AWS Route 53 and Google Apps (email) with a domain registered on DreamHost?

I registered a domain with, activated an email address for that domain, then I migrated the email to Google Apps, and finally I migrated the hosting (DNS) to Route 53.

After I migrated the DNS to Route 53, disabled the ability to migrate the email (very lame move). So now, I have the email half on (horrible email experience) and half on Google Apps.

Would migrating my domain to DreamHost solve this problem?



Most likely not. From the way things sound, your issue right now (if I’m understanding you right) is that you’ve got some of your mail stuck on’s servers. Adding a new provider into the picture certainly isn’t going to solve this — if anything, it’s just going to introduce new issues! You will need to work with your existing providers to get this situation ironed out.