Using Apache Libcloud: Python Library

Hello -

Wondering if anyone is using Apache LibCloud to access DreamHost. LibCloud is similar to the python libraries of the Openstak drivers.

I was told (by a DreamHost advisor) username to use would be mondut and not my email.

Also I was told a first time temp password different from the password I created for my web acct. However, I have not heard back from him yet on my questions so am posting on this forum.

I keep getting invalid credentials error.

My primary ques:

  • Wondering where the username mondut is coming from.
  • Also do not see the 1st time temp password as well.
  • I do not see the tenant info I was given.

I do not see this info anywhere when I log into my webpanel.

My secondary ques:
Any suggestions regards using Apache LibCloud from anyone using it.

Thank you for your help.

It sounds like you’re asking a question about our DreamCompute beta. I’ve moved your question to the appropriate subsection of the forum.

Thanks Andrew. I will look there.