Using another web client

I formally used IlohaMail when I hosted on Racknine for reading in Japanese, which worked pretty well. I don’t feel like reinstalling, so thouht I would use their demo version for the occasional Japanese mail I want to read/write (SquirrelMail is useless in that department, though perhaps horde is another possibility.) Trouble is, whereas before
my actual user name was the full email address, it seems to be different with each provider.

Can anybody get the IlohaMail demo server to work with a dreamhost address:

USERID should be the part before @, or the whole address
SERVER should be the domain

But these don’t work.

If anyone has any ideas, short of reinstalling their program, please let me know.




I have tried the web-based in the past and it also does not work in Japanese, despite claimed support for same.

paul in japan

Try: instead of

Also note that, unlike with our install of Squirrelmail, you can’t enter in your email address - you have to enter your actual physical username here.

If you’re using this mail client on your home machine, you might look into a regular mail client rather than a webmail client. I know that Becky! is supposed to have excellent Japanese support.

Hope this helps.

Hi Will…I did not see your post until now. Thanks…

“Try: instead of

Ok…got it. This seems to work fine!!

If i can avoid having to install another mail client (I am notoriously bad at folliwng install instructions…last time the writer of IlohaMail did it for me and I hate to ask him again), then this will be fine.

And YES, becky is wonderful. It almost never loses anything, and works like a dream. I happily paid my sharewre fees for this one a long time ago. Only thing is that I think the PGP is too complex . I may be wrong though. Have never used.



paul in japan