Using a GoDaddy name

A friend has registered a domain name; I want to host it on Dreamhost. I received good info from this Board to help me figure out how to do that, and I know my friend has to “piont” his domain name from GoDaddy to my Dreamhost files. Fine.

From my friend’s end, he tells me that GoDaddy has a forward feature. Is that what he needs to use to “point” his domain to me, or is a CNAME required?

Thanks for any help.


He just needs to change the NameServer information.


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Thanks. Now I’m not sure I’ve set it up properly on my end. Assume the domain name registered at GoDaddy is “” and my dreamhost site is “” Do I need only set up a directory off my root called “”?

Thanks for any help.


You will need to set up another Fully Hosted domain here with the GoDaddy-registered domain name.

Once your WHOIS info for that domain includes the DreamHost name servers, everything is then handled from the DreamHost panel under Domains -> Manage Domains.