Using a different promotional code?

Hi there,

An existing DH user custom-created a promotional code for me. Yet when I go to register a new account, there’s literally no place to enter said code; there’s only the automatic new user promotional code that gives you $24 off. I’ve even tried clearing out cookies just in case that was the problem.

So how do I register with the code I’ve been given instead of the automatic one?



There used to be a box for you to enter the promo code

Promo Code or email of who referred you: [ enter your promo code ]

Do you see a similar thing like that?

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I haven’t seen any place to put in a referral code, either on the registration page, or the list of promo codes (the one I got was custom-made for me).

Specifically what happens is that, according to the Dreamhost Wiki, Step 5 (Confirm your account information) is entirely missing from the process. It skips immediately from Step 4 (Create your web ID) to Step 6 (Payment info) with the promo code DH3 automatically entered in.

(Gah–what I meant to say is according to the DreamHost wiki, there should be a step 5 to put in a promo code. This doesn’t happen any time I try to register, even when I tried with a different email address.)

Errr, maybe this is why it seems no one is signing up, because they’re not able to put in the right codes :<

If the signup page won’t let you change the code, try this.

  1. Clear your cookies
  2. Use a link like this:|

After signup| put in the code you want, ie:|custompromocode

If you put that link in your address bar with a code attached, it should sign you up with it. I think.

Unless ya know, Dreamhost completely changed the terms of their promo code program and didn’t bother to tell anyone making & promoting the codes. Doh.

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independent–Thank you for the suggestion. Sadly, it doesn’t work; I tried it with the code I was given, and just got a 404 error. I’m going to double-check with the person who gave me the code to be sure I got it right, but I’m almost certain I did. Plus, as I said, there should be a way to enter in the code in the registration process, unless they changed it.

Well, I took out a part of the link cuz I don’t want to “steal a sale”, you may have to add that back in. But it seems to work with the account ID left out, so long as you call up the cgi|promocode

Ugh. This is really distressing me, what a horrible day its been :frowning:

Hope you get it figured out, be sure to let us know if you learn anything about why this is going on or how to fix it.

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First, you said:

Then, you said:

Are these from two different times you tried to sign up? And is it really the DH3 promo code that you’re being forced to use (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

Another possible thing to try is to use the link that Independent suggested but in a different browser altogether and with a different email address. Maybe the new Dreamhost signup process is “very sticky” with respect to the referral link you use.

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Hey! Independent! It worked! That extra bit of the URL made all the difference. (Viva la difference!) Thank you for making my night, oh-persona-of-awesomeness!

Lensman–it was with about four different tries using two separate email addresses and a couple of cookie clear-outs. For whatever reason, no matter where on the DH site I tried to sign up, it automatically processed me using the DH3 code. Using the URL that independent gave me allowed me to process it with the code I was given, though FTR in neither instance was there a Step 5 page with the box to manually type in the promo code; the only thing that worked was entering the specific email independent posted.

(Despite this minor hassle, I am still incredibly stoked to be here :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear. We’re stoked to have you here!

Thanks for the details. Your posting your experiences and solution will help others who are probably having same problem!

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Not sure what went wrong. According to DH’s instruction, promo code will be saved in the cookie if we add the promo code in the URL like signup|THEPROMOCODE. That is a good shortcut (to those who wants to use the promo code) :stuck_out_tongue:

I was surprised when you said you can’t change the code or clear it from the cookie. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem here?

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Assuming the hijacking code is one of DreamHost’s own, perhaps someone had changed the signup page with some over-enthusiastic code during a DreamHost sponsored “discount weekend” or something.

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