Using 3rd party Domain Registry Questions

Good afternoon (well not here its raining and windy),

Last night I acquired a new hosting account for my brother and sister-in-law for a new company they are starting up. I’ve used DH for a few other projects without problem but this time I needed to register a .ca address, which DH doesn’t do. No problem, I went and registered the domain through someone else (in this case

Now I have two issues.

  1. How do I get my domain to point to a DH hosted site from the third party without transferring (the panel says it needs to be “owned” by me for 60 days before the transfer is allowed.
  2. If I make the transfer, how do I renew the domain if DH can’t register .ca domains?


I’m not fmailiar with NetFirms’ structure, but you should be able to login to some kind of Domain Management area where you’ll find a place to alter the NameServers for the new domain. These need to be set to:

There’s no real need to transfer registrar.

Hope the weather gets better :wink:

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There are some articles in wiki that tell you how to transfer your hosting to DH in details.

And you should renew your .ca domain with your registrar but not DH.

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