hi, can someone help me figure out users?

on my old hosting package (with someone else) I hosted a friends webpage, and I just created a user for her so she could ftp in, and I restricted her to a folder which was a subdomain (but was located at and I could ftp in to upload the pages I made for her, and she could ftp in to upload some files she created and wanted me to add to the site.

DH seens different though. From the “Add user” page, it seems like I am making an account for her that is located at /home/username/ and that would be different from my own space right? Im confused about that. If I make it that way, will I be able to ftp in? will her webpage be located within my folders? or not? confused

When you create a new user, that user gets their own home directory, exactly like the home directory you see when you log-in with your main user. Any domains or sub-domains you create under the control of that user will be placed in that users home directory, not your main users home directory.

When your friend logs-in using FTP and the new user credentials, they will only see the directories related to the domain(s) they control, they will not see any of your domain directories.

You can log-in using FTP to your friends home directory, but you will need to use the log-in details for your friends user.

I hope the above makes sense to you. :slight_smile:


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yes, that makes sense. thanks!

To add onto what was already said, you can set it up so that you can still access her directory through your account, and it will still show up as if you really, really want. It’d require a little trick with subdirectory remapping, but it’s definitely doable. Although, for the record, it would probably just be easier to give her a address she has control over in her own space, and if she needs your help, you can just log in as her. In a lot of ways, that’s generally more secure, IMHO. If she does something with her site, then, it’s confined to her account then and won’t run the risk of breaking anything on yours.

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