I want to create a name/pass to allow one person access to one web ssite (1 domain) on my space

cannot seem to do that

any ideas??

If you need them to use FTP to upload files:

  1. Create an FTP or shell user on your account using the Web Panel.
  2. Login to FTP as that user and make a directory named after the domain, and upload the web files into that directory.
  3. With Web Panel, go to Domains -> Web and Edit the domain.
  4. On this panel, you need make sure it is fully hosted and that the CGI will run as the user you made in steap #1. The “Web Directory” will be the directory you made in step #2.
  5. WAIT for the Apache server configuration to be updated before it starts serving files from the new location.
  6. If you need to manage the files for this domain, as with step #2, login to FTP as that user unless you know how UNIX file permissions work.

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