Users Panel

Hi All,
Today i created a new user using the manage users part of the panel. Let’s call it bob. After creating that user, waiting 10 minutes, I then setup a directory remap in the domains panel.

I was about to test (via a FTP client) if this remap worked, then realised “oops i wanted that bob to start with a capital B”. So I went back into the panel and deleted the user, which aso deleted the remap (as i thought it would).

That was a BIG mistake, as i’ve now found out (the hard way) that DH usernames are not case-sensitive.

After waiting ~5 mins for that change to take effect, I tried to create a new user, entering “Bob” as the username. The error came back that it was already in use. Yes, but i’ve deleted it - aparently that doesn’t delete it from the DH system.

Trying to login to it via FTP, the server recognises the username (ie doesn’t return an error) and asks for the password, which doesn’t work (as i’ve deleted it)

Question is: How long does it take for dreamhost to purge deleted users from it’s systems before another customer (or in this case the same customer) can use that name again?

If anyone knows the answer to this i’d appreciate the reply.

BTW For now i’ve got around this by adding other letters at the start of the name - that’ll have to do but wasn’t intended.


I remember I had similar problem when I created subdomain or email address. It was solved after I sent a ticket to DH support. DH support refreshed the system.

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