Users Do Not Get Mail!



Hello, I am using smf based forum. I have got more than 10000 members and the problem is I can’t send them mail from smf admin. I asked the question in smf board , they said the problem was because of host , that s why I wanted to consult you.

In SMF admin, my server setting is like this :

E-Post Sending Option : PHP Standart

There is another option (SMTP). For SMTP it wants the information below :


Everyone says, it should be PHP standart, but some of my users get the mail and most of them do not. And the ones who take the mail find them in their junks.

What can I do to overcome this ?

Thanks in advance.


You can try filling out those SMTP sections using the information for your admin account (or better yet setup a special email user for just that purpose). You can find the SMTP settings to use by looking at Manage Email then clicking the mailbox manager of the email user you’d like to use.

I believe there is a 200 email per hour limit so your 1000 emails would be sent out in batches.


We are having the same trouble only it’s for our activation emails that get sent out when someone registers. Sometimes the email doesn’t arrive to the user for about 12 to 24 hours.

So Im looking in the dreamhost web panel at the mail: manage email but don’t see antyhing to click named mailbox manager.

So how do I find the smtp settings to input into our smf forum from the dreamhost web panel?

Can I just use one of the email address’s I have setup for one of my domains, and use our domain name as the smtp server address?


Manager: http://mailboxes.yourdomain.tld

SMTP: mail.yourdomain.tld

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