Users changing own password

The wiki describes the relatively self-evident manner by which I (the dreamhost account owner) can change my client’s passwords. What is less clear is whether I can create a user – without issuing a WebID – and allow him/her to change his/her own password.

Specifically, I would like to host a domain:
With username: theclient
Fully hosted, with email – say:
FTP / Shell access
Doing this, in turn, issues a random password to theclient.
I do not wish to issue a WebID for theclient.

How does theclient go about changing his/her own password from the randomly-generated one, to one of his/her choosing?

Will the UNIX command passwd change all of the above (FTP, Shell, as well as email)? Or is there another way?

I believe you could use to accomplish what you’re wanting.

Wrong or old URL perhaps?

Ian, I don’t think she meant that url to be literal - what she is referring to is:

http://mailboxes.. -

Dh sets up a “mailboxes” sub-domain for each domain they host that has mailboxes associated with it, just as they setup a “webmail” subdomain. Users can manage many aspects of their email accounts from this “mailboxes.yourdomain.tld” subdomain.


Doh! Sorry. Shouldn’t post before I’ve woken up!

A related question. Does anyone know of any alternatives to this script? Ideally, I’d like to avoid installing expect.