Users and subdomain access

I’d like to set up a special account for a friend of mine, but I only want to give him access to one subdomain. Is this possible?

Very possible.

You probably should read this section of the k-base: and particularly

Those posts talk about domain privileges, but I need to limit privileges to only one subdomain.

For these purposes, a subdomain is the same thing. A subdomain is added as a separate “domain”, and you can delegate privileges to individual subdomains.

Sorry I didn’t say that.

You’ll have to create the subdomain first, if you haven’t already.

Then when you create a new user and you’re setting privileges, you’ll have the subdomain as an option to choose for access privileges.

I think you’d do better to set up the user first, then when the new user is active, add the subdomain to that user’s home directory.

Or perhaps it doesn’t matter, I’ve not done it the other way. Just felt compelled to throw that into the ring


I suppose it can be done either way…

I just know that during the new user creation process, the control panel asks you to specify at which domain you want the new user to have an email address. If a user wanted to make the mail go to the subdomain you were restricting them to, the subdomain would have to be created ahead of time. If you were allowing them an email address at your main domain, it wouldn’t matter.