Username/password incorrect for FTP upload


I have just created a domain page and am trying to upload my website from KompoZer.

I have entered all the details correctly and tried numerous variations (through advice from a tutorial on site wizard) but it keeps coming up with an error 530 LOGIN INCORRECT… what am I doing wrong!?

I am using my username (email) and password that I use to sign into my domain management page on DreamHost.

You are using the incorrect username and password. Check the email we sent you when you signed up titled “DreamHost Account Approval Notification” for details.

wrong user/pwd.
Go into the DH panel, select Users > Manage users > Edit and there you can set a new password. The user name you can see and can not be changed.

I’m having the same problem. I am administering a site for a friend, and the account has been active for years. Roughly two years ago I uploaded the current version of his site, and throughout the last two years, I’ve had to FTP a file or two, and never had a problem.

I’m working on a new version of his site, and went to upload some of the files today, and the FTP account I’ve always used is not working. I attempted changing the password, but I still keep getting a 530.

I also tried creating a new FTP account, same problem. any ideas?
Nevermind. For some unknown reason, it’s working. I tried logging in with Filezilla, which has the old credentials stored, and it worked with the old unchanged password.

Completely confused, but I don’t really care, as long as it’s working.

THANKS FOR THE REPLIES! Problem solved, thanks again :slight_smile: