Username for ftp login


i’m fairly new to dreamhost (just so you know), although not so new to web hosting and such. just so you know.

my old host had cpanel and with it i was able to login to ftp accounts with usernames that took the format of "". i was wondering if this is possible to do with dreamhost, because i can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s done here.

How are you logging into ftp? I create unix logins in the Users>>Manage Users section of the panel.

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i’m logging into my ftp account with my unique user id. since i also hosted other people with my old host, i’d like to host them here too, but this unique user id is a bit of an inconvenience.

this is beginning to sound a little bit confusing, so i’ll try to explain in better detail.

my domain that’s still with the old host is all of the people i hosted there log in to their ftp accounts with,, etc.

with dreamhost, my domain is but i can’t log in to my ftp account by creating something like, i have to log in using “amoebamoeba”, which is my unique user id or what have you.

it’s just all throwing me off. sorry if i sound like a complete and utter newbie. i’m obviously very, very new to dreamhost.

The important thing to remember about DreamHost is that panel id’s are completely separate from your unix/ftp id’s. These ID’s are also different from the email accounts that you can create for your domains.

You currently have one of each. Your panel ID is an email address - mine is some independent hotmail email address I have. Your unix/ftp id is just some ID that I made up when I created my account.

For instance, I might have as my panel ID. My unix ID might be lensman. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you might have picked your unix ID to be the same name as the username portion of your email address. These are two completely different ID’s.

You should create a separate unix user ID for each friend who is hosting on your account. You can then designate that unix user as the ftp/cgi-runs-as user for that friend’s domain.

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