Userid / password for the stat's area of my domain


I am trying to access for the first time.

This url requires a userid/password but my DH userid/password does not work.

If I go to the webpanel > edit profile > security

It suggests that " Please note that this form will ONLY change your Web ID password (and stats password if it’s the same)… "

Now it appears that my stats password is not the same as my web ID password, but how do I get them in sync, or in fact how to I get to set the “stats” password.

My webid/password was set up first and then I added my domains.

Dave Blakemore


Goto the Web Panel -> Status -> Sites Statistics screen and click on the little “wrench” icon beneath the “# of users w/Access” column.

On the resultant screen you can change the password for any existing user(s), delete existing users, and add any new user you wish (you can “sync” an existing user/pass this way). :wink:



You set your stats userids and passwords in the panel at Statistics>Site Statistics.

For the particular site you’re interested in, click on the icon next to the number under the column “# Users w/Access”. This will take you to a page with the users and if you “Edit” one, you can set the password.

BTW, does anyone know what icon that is in that column? It looks like blue bomb (WW-II vintage).

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Wrench! It’s a wrench! Aha!!!

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Ha! we did it again! I think that little icon is “wrench” (tool?) :wink:



Hey, wait for me next time :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh now I see the problem. As far as I am aware I did not assign a userid to the “domain stats” area, but there is one. This username is a concoction made up from the characters in my “real” userid with a number appended…

How did this happen? If there was a message saying it was created automatically I must have missed it.

Dave Blakemore


If I remember rightly it assigns an automatic log for ths statsin for you when you first set up the account. I think it was in one of the early emails, but its easy enough to change and it will only take 10 mins max to wait for it to change.

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