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I want to add a feature to my website that will allow my users (read: complete strangers) upload their files (read: omgviruses) to my website. A quick Google search gave me this website

but, being new to webmastering, I have no idea how to implement it, or even which language to use.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Good luck with that! (and there is more info here) :wink:


but, being new to webmastering, I have no idea how to implement it, or even which language to use.[/quote]
From the examples on that page, on DreamHost you are limited to the PHP and/or Perl versions (though you could probably write your own in python also).

If you use the PHP version you will need to customized php, or php.ini, to upload greater than 7MB on DreamHost.

uber-uploader does a lot of that same stuff for free, so you might want to look at it.



I am having that problem with my uploaders. 7MB is really small and my users are having trouble uploading their files, which I think is a bunch of crap since I have lots of space for them. Is there a way I can bypass this 7 MB limit by adding code to my current uploaders, and if so can somebody link me to the code as I have searched and can’t find any. I downloaded that Uber Uploader and since I have so many different uploaders I don’t think it is what I need.


No, there is not. That limitation is because of the limits in the DreamHost installation of PHP, and the only was around it using PHP is to complile your own version of PHP or use an existing DreamHost version with a modified php.ini file (both processes are described in the DreamHost wiki, but are officially “unsuppoprted”).

The main advantage that uber-uploader brings to the table over other uploaders is that it’s upload routines are written in perl, and are therefore not limited by the DreamHost PHP settings as to upload filesize.

Other perl uploaders also have this advantage while any uploader you use written in PHP will still have this issue for you to deal with.