User Upload Filesize

Hi! I’ve looked everywhere but there were hazy answers.

Basically, I want to create a file hosting website (kinda like rapidshare) which offers 200-250mb upload space and files stay on server forever.

Which dreamhost plan would be the best?

Also, would I have access to php.ini or will I have to edit by using .htaccess?

Please answer these questions.

Thank You.

If you plan to make it a PHP script, you’re going to have major issues.
Even if you use your own PHP.ini, with modified memory limit values, DH limits your user to something like 90megs.
So using a php script, it’s not going to be possible for users to upload anything larger than about 70-80megs I’d say. Then you also have to consider the fact that more than one user might be uploading something at the same time, which even further reduces the overall file size limit.

Anyways, there is no clear answer on this subject, other than to say “don’t do it” or “find an alternative”. You could always try to code your script in perl too. That would affectively work to do what you want, without eating up all of your memory.

Someone else also recently posted a link to this website, in regards to a flash based uploading program:

Good luck either way :slight_smile:

WOAH! Tht was some quick reply!! Thanks a lot!!

I might consider a script other than php for uploading… do you know of a website that offers script for a language like php and not flash i.e. a language that does not require any installation from the clients side… for example… php will not require the user any installation but java or flash will require a runtime script… you know wat i mean :slight_smile: If you have a good script in the language i’m talking about I would love to know about it!!

Also, if you knew if a DH plan or another site offered php.ini upload settings of 200M or more please let me know.

Thanks again!!

I’m not sure you’ll be able to find an upload script to break the file down into smaller chunks that isn’t Flash or Java, as PHP is server side, and therefore can’t break down the file before uploading.

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Honestly, you want to do sonething like rapidshare on a shared hosting ?

This is not really a fair use.

rapidshare use many gigabits/s. I dont know any shared hosting wich will allow a tiny portion of that.

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One cautionary note is that this is one of the few possible ways to actually exceed your free bandwidth quota and run up massive overage charges.

For example, let’s say someone decides to upload a 200MB video file and post the URL for download. Let’s say 50 people a day do so. You’re now eating up 300GB of bandwidth a month on that one file. 10 files like that and you’re stuck with figuring out how to pay the $100 in overage charges each month.

If your site becomes wildly popular, you could be left with a stunning bill.

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I see what you mean… i’ll remember that… maybe I won’t allow users to upload a lot.

but, I’ve heard that dreamhost allows us to inbstall our own php on our account so we can exceed the limit of 80-90mb??

Just a thought…

I’ll make sure I keep a good eye on the bandwidth… perhaps decrease filesize limit when my site gets too famous… huh??

Though please tell me if I can install my own php to upload larger files.


The previous responders have all made valid points - php is an inefficient way to upload large files, and the load on the servers of multiple users doing this at the same time could well bring a shared server to it’s knees. There is a reason DH has set default limits in the way that they have.

That said, Yes, you can install your own configuration of PHP, and set it to allow uploading of “larger” files, though you will still have to deal with the realities of being on a shared server and the finite resources of CPU and memory. :wink:

This is not for the “faint of heart”, and DH will not help you sort it if you bork it, but will police you aggressively if your CPU and memory usage become inappropriate for a shared server. DH allow you lots of flexibility and give you plenty of “rope” - certainly more than enough with which to “hang yourself”!


I’ve heard that dreamhost allows us to inbstall our own php on our account so we can exceed the limit of 80-90mb??[/quote]
As I stated previously, using your own php.ini OR custom php install, you’ll get a maximum of roughly 80-90megs before you hit your user memory limit. There is no work around to that limit, which is why I suggested looking for an alternative to a PHP upload script. :wink:

K guys thanks a lot… i’ll think about changing to a ifferent way of file uploading… if anyone finds a kool non-php file uploading script please let me know!!


Is there a limit on the size of ftp uploads or http downloads?

I have a similar issue. My zip files can get up to 150MB. I typically just use a command line “raw” ftp connection to upload.


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I believe apache has a 2GB limit for http, and I’m not sure about FTP (filesystem based limitation?); I’ve had no problem FTP’ing files of several hundred MB.

I can’t imagine you having trouble with that. FTP is generally not the problem - it’s the use of PHP to perform the upload that is problematic for may with larger files. :wink: