User problem



I have two users in my Dreamhost account: “gabrielsotero” and another one, that I use for my other domain, where is my blog.

Today, I was trying to connect to FTP with this user, just to install a theme, a plugin, and that basic things (i’m a basic user)… But, surprisingly, it said that that username didn’t exist. Even though the link Web FTP works, gives a error “The username doesn’t exist”.
What I can do to log in with that user and not lose all my data?

Thanks in advance,


You can check your existing user via DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users

If the user does not show in the panel, contact DH support and ask them where they throw your user :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, but the username shows.


As an experiment, you can SSH in as your working user, then type:

If that’s a valid user, it’ll ask for a password.

You can also try ‘ls ~OTHERUSER’ via SSH. The tilde says what’s after it is a username.

If all else fails, you can contact Support.