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I have a lot of domains hosted with DH. If I want to give 2 users global read write shell acess to all of these domains is there any way to do this without going in changing each site to be shell instead of FTP only. Then loging in as the shell for that site and adding the 2 admins?
Or is there a mass thing that can be done because they are all hosted under my account?

You might want to look at groups. I haven’t actually done anything with groups, but I’ve seen info about it in the wiki before. If you go into the panel under “Users” and click “Groups” you can set a group for a domain and then add users to it.

This may solve your issue.

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Shell/No-Shell is a user function, not a domain function. You only need to go into the Panel and edit both users to be Shell users.

FTP will not let a user leave their own home directory, but SFTP, which uses SSH, will. These users need to use SFTP (from their FTP client) or SSH using PuTTY.

XXYou will also need to follow the previous advice on Groups.XX

[Update] There’s no “mass command” you can do to do this. If these are your only other users (the two of them), then you need to go through your domains and do a 'chmod -R g rw directoryname
If you have other users, you need to create a new group, add each special person to this new group, then go through and ‘chgrp -R newgroup’ directoryname, and THEN do the chmod.

This type of setup is quite an ordeal due to the level of control UNIX provides.


Ya the groups thing I knew. I was mainly wanting to know if there was a mass thing I could do with all the home directories.
So to verify.
I need to edit each user from FTP user to Shell user via control panel.
Login as that user.
Add the new admin group.
Go back to panel. Change them back to FTP user.
Go to the next.
Repeat 100 times…
looks like my weekend is not going to be fun.

Thanks for the help