User Permissions

Hey all. I’m attempting to set something up so that users can have full permissions including FTP on a folder on a site (

I’ve got permissions set so that they need to login to view the folder, but I’m not sure that they are set completely right, and, when I try to FTP to that folder using Dreamweaver and one of those logins, I get told that the folder is not found.

My permissions are thus:

the folder is:

drwxrwxr-x (not sure what the ‘d’ is, actually)

the files in the folder all are -rw-r–r-- is there a way to set a default setting so that all files placed in this folder will get a different set of permissions (that allows the users who have login access to write and execute as well)?

The folder permissions are fine. The ‘d’ means it’s a directory.

I don’t see why you would want users to be able to execute a file in your directory. I’d say it’s a very bad idea. But it would be nice if they could all read and write the file.

I do this by running a cronjob (see the wiki for ‘cron’) periodically like this:
chmod -R ug+rw /home/user/domain/foldername

This will make everything in there read/write by all owners and members of your group.