User passwords all changed on move

I’ve sent an email to support about this, but I’m really dead in the water until it gets fixed… they moved me to a newer server last night (good) and in the process it apparently changed all my passwords and now I can’t access my files (VERY bad). When I had the panel email me the password, the password it emailed doesn’t work (it’s my old one).

Any suggestions of how I can fix this before support responds? It’s really time-sensitive, as I use the server continually at my job, and I really can’t work without it!


Edit: They also seem to have deleted the contents of two of my domains while they were at it. :frowning: I’m very confused/disappointed right now.

Finally… the first problem is fixed, so now I can work.

::happy:: (Well, not about the four hours of lowered productivity, but about the fact that now I’m not panicked. :-))