User not really deleted from server?

I made a user ‘dfkt’ on DreamHost’s ‘jezebel’ server.
Then I deleted that user again, accidentally.

Now I want to create that user again, with the same name, but the web-panel tells me that the user is already existing.
But it does not show up in the user-section of the panel.

What can I do to get that user-name again?

Thanks for any help.

I’ve searched around for an answer to this question and seen it asked a couple of times - but I have yet to see any kind of response. I’ve run into the same issue, and it would be nice to get an answer. Why is nobody answering this question?


It says on the link to get to the forums that the support team don’t usually come here.

I think it’s happened because someone else took that user name. I prefix my users with my id and then an underscore and then user name. That way you are pretty much guaranteed the user name.

It’s easy: just mail your problem to dreamhost support, using the web-interface.
They’ll delete the faulty account for you.

I found the answer to my question in the FAQs, by the way…