User names?

Hi. I am new to all this. I have a couple of domain names that I’m trying to develop. My question is should I use the same user name for all of my domain names or not?

hello and welcome! It’s hard to understand what you’re trying to achieve by the few words you used to create this post. Can you try to argument your thoughts a little more please? Don’t use technical words, if you can and stay with simple sentences. For example, spend more time describing what you mean by ‘domain names’: since domain names are not really ‘developed’, as you say, we’re confused. Also, usually domain names don’t have user names. Let us know more what your intentions are and we’ll try to guide you to the relevant documentation.

It doesn’t hurt for you to look at the basic documentation on

I have 5 different domains names that I am trying to build websites for.

Dreamhost Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains -> Under the Web Hosting column you will see "Fully Hosted with PHP 5.6 (User: MacGyverSoze).

My question is should all my websites use the same user name or should I create new user names for each one and why?

I think I might have figured out the answer for my own question.

I think that each website should be under it’s own user name just incase I have to give access to someone they will only have access to that particular website and not all the websites under that user name.

Please feel free to chime in Dreamies.

There are pro’s and con’s for both. The type of hosting you have also influences the answer.

Assuming shared hosting, Mostly use of different users on the server for each domain is the best practice. Added security is the primary benefit, however there’s also an advantage with procwatch (dreamhosts daemon that acts as a gatekeeper on shared hosting preventing resource hogs).

Where you may want to use the SAME user is for staging sites. For example you’re running and also have a sub-domain called that’s not open to the public (require basic authentication using goodies -> htaccess to achieve) where you are working on the next version of the site. It’s much easier to move that site to the main site if the development site is using the same user.

Edit to add:

A more specific reason that a user per domain, rather than one user for all domains. Example: Your WordPress install get’s hacked because of flaw in the theme on site A, If sites B, C, D, E, F are all using the same user, then they have all been compromised. If B,C,D,E,F are all running from unique users, then most likely only site A is compromised.