User management software

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a user management software for my password protected members area. The one I had during the last years really p*sses me off now, bad support, long time outs and so on…

I tried to install Pennywize but for some reason it does not work on dreamhost servers. Now I’m looking for something similar. Dreamhost support told me that a lot of users are running such a software on their servers so they told me to ask in the forum.

The software should have the following requirements:

  • block multiple user access (more than 3 different IPs/networks e.g.)
  • block users who cause too much traffic per day
  • block fraud attacks or hacks
  • software should work fine with my htacess and htpassword
  • software should run on dreamhost servers
  • if the software has more features I also would appreciate it :slight_smile:

So if some users out there know software I could easily use, I would be looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks in advance,

anyone an idea? would be appreciated! thanks!