User groups

I created a custom user group. However I cannot seem to find where to edit permissions for a custom group.

This all arises because I wanted to create an ftp account for 1 user for only 1 of my domains.

I followed dreamhosts directions and created a webid for them underbilling.

They can access the panel and the webftp but the webid does not work in 3rd party ftp.

They can also see my other domains in the webftp which should not happen.

So I still don’t know how to create a simple ftp account for 1 domain ONLY. Something so simple should not be so hard.

Allowing editing of ftp permissions/dir’s after creation of account would seem reasonable.

I am new and love dreamhost but I think I was spoiled at my old host by the ease and simplicity of doing simple tasks. I am so lost here

Groups isn’t something you need to worry about for this. Actually you don’t even need a webid for this either. Log into the panel with your account > Users > Manage users. Create the FTP user you want to have access to this domain.

Now, go to Domains > Manage Domains. I assume you’ve allready added the domain this user should have access to? Just click to edit that domain, and from the drop down menu of ‘run cgi as user:’ select the user you just added. (note, if you have already uploaded content for this domain it may not transfer to the new user - though it should)

That’s it. Now that user only has access to that one domain. The only draw back to DH’s system is that your FTP user no longer has access, it’s only one user who has access to the domain. Luckly you can just pop into the panel and view the password for that user any time you need. :slight_smile: If you want you can also set up that webid for your user so they can administer things for their one domian in the panel. Just go back and edit that webid and you can place a tick for the services they have access to.

–Matttail - personal website