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Hi all – I’ve spent about an hour trying to figure this out within the panel, and also searching forum posts, but do apologize if this is staring me in the face somewhere.

I am not the domain or account owner but am a highly trusted user who has been granted full mgmt privs except billing. I need to access via sftp the very root level of the account in order to get to wiki & similar subdomains to edit various config files I’ve been tasked with tweaking. (I edit in a text editor via my ftp client)

Yet even with what appear to be full domain management privs for my username, when I ftp or sftp in I am landed in my own home directory with no way to get up to the root. How do I ftp to the root level of the account (highly preferable), or at the very least to ftp one at a time into various subdomains such as ?

I am familiar with plesk and cpanel but not dreamhost’s panel. Basic familiarity with *nix concepts … you prob. don’t need to break it down to beginner level for me, just tell me where to look?




Hi kazar,

Each user has there own ‘root’ and Panel priviledges play no part at all in a user’s ability to access another user’s files.
DreamHost use a purer Unix type environment than cPanel-style hosts.

If the tweaks you mention involve basic theme changes, you could have the relevant theme directories remapped to your *nix user, but from the description you’ve given it appears you may need access to the core files as well.

In order to access “all domain files”, you would be better off asking that you be provided with the domain user’s info. Note that this is NOT the “Main Panel Account”, it’s the *nix user that owns the files for the domain in question. If the account holder has used the same password as their panel account for the domain *nix user and is reluctant to divulge it, they can change the domain *nix user’s password to something else via Panel before handing over the login details.

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I need to edit the wiki config files in one domain. And will likely be tasked with other such administrative activities. But all for only one domain that’s housed on the server, so it looks like your suggestion will work. I’ll forward it to the account owner, thanks!