User directory

I wanted to setup a few users ‘under’ me that could have their own space, but also not have the ability to access my directory… well, it seems that it’s not possible so (since all users are under 1 group) I just removed the group access from my own user folder and just left 'x’ecute…hopefully, that is all I had to do?
Also, I was testing with a test-user and removed that user using the control panel…however I didn’t remove the directory itself (nothing really important inside) and now that test user directory is out there…and I don’t have the write priv. to delete folders/files… will it get deleted eventually? I’d try creating the same user again, but don’t want another one to be out there! Thanks for any info…

Do you want to give your users private ftp with their own domain space?

You have to set up users and then set up the domains and point the users to those domains - this way they can’t access your directory.

I have a few friends hosted under my account with their own space :slight_smile: