User directories

Way back in the early 2000’s one could open the /home directory and see the list of all user directories (couldn’t access unless you knew the user password.) Back then I didn’t really understand how Dreamhost worked very well and created and then deleted a lot of users unnecessarily, just creating a mailbox created a user directory. I noticed that deleting a mailbox or a user did not delete the directory in the /home directory. Can’t access the /home directory anymore so I don’t know if that is still true. All my sites are now collected under just two user names, but I still have usernames (and their directories) which I’d like to get rid of. Sites that once were owned by these are now all owned by another user and show up in that user’s directory. I’ve been deleting files from these directories that are no longer needed. (I had forgotten they were even there until DH notified me I was violating rules and had to get rid of them.) I’ve been at it 3 days and at this rate I’ll be at it for another 10 days! If I delete the user will the directory and all it’s contents be deleted? Or will the directory still exist with all those files for someone to hack into some day and find things I really don’t want found … like names and address etc?

Deleting the user via the Manage users page of the dreamhost panel will in fact delete all files and directories associated with that user.