User dir in .backing, all paths FUBAR


I don’t know how this happened, I’m guessing I did it without realizing, but somehow I put my user directory (squidelephant), containing my web directory, logs and maildir folder into /home/.backing. Now .backing is a hidden file, and it says I don’t have the permissions to list it’s contents or modify them. Same with home. I can still download and upload files in my user directory, but now all my hosted files paths’ are screwed up. I’m a graphic designer, and I host a lot of images and files on my server for other people’s websites and myspaces, and now all those images are broken and file links are dead.

So first of all, how do I get my user directory out of .backing and back into home? I just need to move one folder up one level, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but my dreamhost support ticket has been open for 3 days now with no word from an actual human. Is it possible to just generate a new user directory? I could reupload alll my files, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. And why don’t I have the permissions to do that in the first place?


.directories are output directories in linux, usually hidden. you might be able to access it from telnet:// create a shell/ftp account, log in and do ls to list files and “cd directory” to change dirs and “cd …” to go up a dir.


I’m surprised it let you move the things as you did. When you FTP in, see if you can manually change to the .snapshot directory in your home directory. It won’t show up as a hidden file/directory, but it’s there. Or at least should be under normal conditions. Since you moved everything, I’m not 100% sure, but give it a try.

The .snapshot directory has backups of your home directory on an hourly/daily/weekly basis. You can recover your data from there.



I logged into my ftp using ssh and terminal. but when i type ls and hit enter nothing happens. if i do it again it says “bad message” and closes my connection. wtf?

also, once i get a list, how do i move a directory?

thanks for your help



I think it is copy * …


mv directory/ ~/some/other/place/

Just a note: ~/ represents your HOME directory.

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FTP and SSH are two different things. From “Terminal,” did you type ‘ftp’ or ‘ssh’?