User Created Jabber Accounts

Is it possible to allow a user to create their own jabber accounts instead of having to manually create one for each user? Im trying to build a flash chat app, and it’s really not exciting to have to manually register each account.

Nope. It’s near-impossible to replicate panel operations via your own web interface.


Well, i dont necessarily want to reproduce panel operations. Most jabber servers allow you to register a new account right from your client interface. When i try to do that using the dreamhost jabber server it says that feature is ‘not implemented’ im assuming that means its disabled because you have to use the panel to register new jabber accounts. When i try to pass the xml to register a user this is the response i get:

user test test Not Implemented

Im wondering if there is a way to enable client user registration?

There’s already something in the voting system about client registration.
Do a search for jabber:


Awesome thanks :slight_smile: I voted for it, hopefully it will get done eventually… even though it was originally proposed in 2004 :\