User already exists

Sorry for may be stupid question but anyway I want to know.
There was a domain with ftp user. Domain was deleted and then added again. But now I cannot assign ftp user with the previous user name. It says that “Error: We’re sorry, the username “********” is already taken in our system!” But i created it before and then removed and now when creating user again with the same name this error occurs. For how long i cannot use this name? And can I assign another user name and then reassign previous user with the old name to this domain. Sorry for this ravings of a madman :slight_smile: i’m not so good in English

I think your previous FTP user still exists. Did you try to create a new user when you add domain to your hosting plan? Check FTP user / CGI-runs-as user: section where you can actually click on the drop down menu and select existing FTP user.

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Check the panel under Users -> Manage Users.


of course I did. User already exists anyway

Good, then that user should show up in a dropdown menu for the FTP user. No need to type it in down below to create a New Username.


no it is not there for sure :slight_smile: seems like DH keep it for a while for restoration purposes?