User accounts & email addys for multiple domains

When I set up a User on a DH account with 2 or more domains, does that user, by default, have email accounts for both domains?

If so, would those emails be "" and ""?

If not, how do I assign separate email accounts to one user for both domains without having to generate a new username of the random m12345 sort?

Nope. The system sees the user address as [username]@[machine] - nothing related to the domains you have. This user has a mailbox, where messages are stored as files - also nothing to do with the domains you have.

In addition, DreamHost has it setup that you control a single “primary” address for each user and you can have multiple “secondary” addresses by simply adding a forward-only address that forwards to the primary address. Of course both the primary and forward-only must be one of your domains.

To do that, just add a forward-only address that forwards to; this is not done for you automatically.

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