Used phpMyAdmin, now website doesn't work

I logged into phpMyAdmin for the first time to attempt to manually rename a page I created to please my forum installation.

Once I finally got in and located the page I wanted, I forgot the page ID I need and went back to my wordpress dashboard to retrieve it. Once I refreshed the page it said Error establishing a database connection.

I tried to go directly to my site ( and I get the same message.

As far as I know I didn’t even do anything once inside my phpMyAdmin database.

I am a true noob, but I would appreciate any help.


site looks fine when I went to it, now errors mentioned

I figured it out a few minutes after I posted. I changed the password on the database username in dreamhouse admin area, so it no longer matched the password in the config file. I changed it back and it fixed itself.

But thanks for the help.